Toolkits which include Reading Guide

April, 2025

SafeVanessa Harbour

This toolkit will be made available soon.

March, 2025

Beyond The Frozen HorizonNicola Penfold

This toolkit will be made available soon.

February, 2025

World WeaversSam Gayton

This toolkit will be made available soon.

January, 2025

The Map Of LeavesYarrow Townsend

This toolkit will be made available soon.

December, 2024

The Magic Of EndingsTom Avery

November, 2024

Between Sea And SkyNicola Penfold

October, 2024

The Legend Of Ghastly Jack CrowheartLoretta Schauer

September, 2024

Peril At The Bake OffRuth Quayle

August, 2024

Queen Of DarknessTony Bradman

July, 2024

The Island That Didn’t ExistJoe Wilson

June, 2024

Mia And The LightcastersJanelle McCurdy

May, 2024

The Myriad Mysteries Of Eartha QuicksmithLoris Owen

April, 2024

The Sleeping StonesBeatrice Wallbank

March, 2024

The Last FirefoxLee Newbery

February, 2024

The Children Of Swallow FellJulia Green

January, 2024

The SwiftsBeth Lincoln

December, 2023

The Amazing Mr BlundenAntonia Barber

November, 2023

The UnadoptablesHana Tooke

October, 2023

The HatmakersTamzin Merchant

September, 2023

Kiki’s Delivery ServiceEiko Kadono

August, 2023

Libby And The Parisian PuzzleJo Clarke

July, 2023

Our Beautiful GameLou Kuenzler

June, 2023

The Bear Who Sailed The Ocean On An IcebergEmily Critchley

May, 2023

Bigfoot MountainRoderick O'Grady

April, 2023

GiantKate Scott

March, 2023

The Hippo At The End Of The HallHelen Cooper

February, 2023

Amber UndercoverEm Norry

January, 2023

Keeper Of SecretsSarah J. Dodd

December, 2022

The Ice GardenGuy Jones

November, 2022

Sisters Of The Lost MarshLucy Strange

October, 2022

How To Catch A WitchAbie Longstaff

September, 2022

Freddy vs SchoolNeill Cameron

August, 2022

The SmidgensDavid O'Connell

July, 2022

City of RustGemma Fowler

June, 2022

Trouble In New YorkSylvia Bishop

May, 2022

Saving WinslowSharon Creech

April, 2022

The Storm DogHolly Webb

March, 2022

MoondialHelen Cresswell

February, 2022

Letters From The LighthouseEmma Carroll

January, 2022

Uncle Gobb And The Dread ShedMichael Rosen

December, 2021

The Way Past WinterKiran Millwood Hargrave

November, 2021

Kay’s AnatomyAdam Kay

October, 2021

The Maker Of MonstersLorraine Gregory

September, 2021

GaslightEloise Williams

August, 2021

The Chocolate Factory GhostDavid O’Connell

July, 2021

Level Up!Tom Nicoll

June, 2021

Mo, Lottie and the JunkersJennifer Killick

May, 2021

BrilliantRoddy Doyle

April, 2021

Do You Know Me?Libby Scott & Rebecca Westcott

March, 2021

Fierce, Fearless And FreeLari Don

February, 2021

The Clockwork CrowCatherine Fisher

January, 2021

The UnadoptablesHana Tooke

December, 2020

The Snow SisterEmma Carroll

November, 2020

The Company Of EightHarriet Whitehorn

October, 2020

Where The World Turns WildNicola Penfold

September, 2020

Darwin’s DragonsLindsay Galvin

August, 2020

Gabriel And The Phantom SleepersJenny Nimmo

July, 2020

Asha & The Spirit BirdJasbinder Bilan

June, 2020

The Land Of NeverendingsKate Saunders

May, 2020

Miraculous MirandaSiobhan Parkinson

April, 2020

Peril En PointeHelen Lipscombe

March, 2020

Can You See Me?Libby Scott / Rebecca Westcott

February, 2020

My Babysitter Is A RobotDave Cousins

January, 2020

The Eye Of The NorthSinead O'Hart

December, 2019

The Snow CatHolly Webb

November, 2019

Fox Investigates: A Brush With DangerAdam Frost

October, 2019

Harper And The Scarlet UmbrellaCerrie Burnell

September, 2019

St Grizzle’s School For Girls, Goats And Random BoysKaren McCombie

August, 2019

There’s A Dragon In My DinnerTom Nicoll

July, 2019

A Pig Called HeatherHarry Oulton