Improve your reading skills

Audiobooks are an excellent way to get all readers of a young age – be them reluctant or already passionate – interested in exploring literature.

By opening their ears, they are in fact opening their minds by expanding their vocabulary, learning pronunciation, and increasing their reading speed.

According to research from the National Literacy Trust, listening to an audiobook requires the same cognitive skills as reading in print and supports language comprehension skills and the ability to understand and retain information in the same way reading a book does.

They can also enable children to discover stories that exceed their actual reading age as an audiobook makes the story more accessible as they listen and discover different and the plot in real time. With uLIBRARY and the Bookworms Book Club they can discover a new story anytime, anywhere and listen on the go.

Some fun ways to listen to the monthly Bookworms title are:

  • On the way to and from school.
  • As a part of a soundtrack to a big journey.
  • Before bed as an alternative to a bedtime story.
  • By making bath-time more interesting by listening to a chapter.
  • As a family or group.